Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

We would love to share our love for the Wadi Rum desert with our guests. Furthermore, we will inform you with a lot of information about Bedouin Life, traditions, and habits, We love to help our visitors to discover our Bedouin culture by telling them Bedouin stories, singing Bedouin songs, playing Bedouin games, cooking delicious Bedouin traditional food, and explaining our way of the life.

Our promise to you is the best services in tours and camping.

We are proud to be Bedouins and we love to help our visitors discover our Bedouin culture by telling them stories from our grandfathers, singing and playing Bedouin music, cooking delicious traditional Bedouin food, and explaining our way of life. We believe that Wadi Rum is beautiful due to its magical landscape, and so we offer more time in remote places with no other tourists, to help our guests discover the silence and majesty of the desert.
If you are planning a trip to Wadi Rum and would like to know more about our trip packages, amenities, or the Bedouin lifestyle, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the Contact Us link. We will share with you the very best of the Bedouin lifestyle in our village and in the desert.


The area is now also one of Jordan’s important tourist destinations and attracts an increasing number of foreign tourists. Trekkers and climbers, and also those looking for camel and horse safaris or simply ‘day-trippers’ from Aqaba or Petra.
Wadi Rum is dominated by Jabal Rum. It is the second-highest peak in Jordan and the highest peak in the central Rum (1734 meters above sea level). The highest peak in Jordan, Jabal Um Adaami, is south of Rum close to the Saudi border. On a clear day, it is possible to see the Red Sea and the Saudi border from the top. It is now a very popular trek from Rum village.

The influx of tourists to this once isolated area has substantially increased the financial fortunes of the Bedouin people. It is common to see locals using mobile phones and driving four-wheel-drive vehicles; many also have wi-fi and computers to run their adventure tourism businesses. However, the Bedouin have not abandoned their culture and its famous hospitality.
The secluded village of Wadi Rum consists of several hundred Bedouin inhabitants with their goat-hair tents and concrete houses. There is one school for boys and one for girls. Also there are a few small shops, and the headquarters of the Desert Patrol.

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