Sleep Under The Stars

Sleep Under The Stars

Sleeping under stars means that you will sleep out in the desert in a private camp. It will be just the guide and you. We provide mattresses, pillows, blankets, and even a tent if you don’t want to sleep out in the open. Your guide will cook a Bedouin dinner over a hot wood-coal fire right before your eyes. We will provide you with enough water to brush your teeth and wash with, but there are no showers or toilets out in the middle of the desert.

We Provide the Following Tours ( stars Tours)

  • Our full Day Jeep Tour with sleep under the Stars
  • A full day hiking with sleep under the stars
  • Or a full day camel ride with sleep under the stars

Start times vary based on the length of the tour, but we can be flexible to accommodate your schedule. If you will arrive too late in the day to complete your tour, you are welcome to start the tour the next morning after breakfast. The tours start at 10:00 am. 

We offer full-day packages ( You can ask for more days if you would like ). The time shown is the maximum time for the tour, and it is the amount we recommend in order to be able to fully enjoy ever site. However, you can complete your tour quicker if you so choose. 

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