Wadi Rum makes the perfect location to undertake a Full Day Jeep Tour due its surreal natural beauty. Coupled with its vast size at 74,000-hectares, it is described by UNESCO as a mixed natural and cultural site. Equally important is the varied desert landscape consisting of a range of narrow gorges, natural arches, towering cliffs, ramps, massive landslides, and caverns. Not to mention the Petroglyphs, inscriptions, and archaeological remains in the site testify to 12,000 years of human occupation and interaction with the natural environment. Uniquely the combination of 25,000 rock carvings with 20,000 inscriptions trace the evolution of human thought and the early development of the alphabet. In conclusion, the site illustrates the evolution of pastoral, agricultural, and urban activity in the region.


We will start this tour from Rum village. During this trip you will see and visit some natural and historic places., first of all, you will go to the Nabatean temple. After that, you will go to Lawrence’s spring by Camel with a shortstop to enjoy the views. After that, we will take you to the map of the desert. Then you will go to sand dunes where you will walk on soft sands enjoy doing the Sandboarding. After that, we will take you to Anfeeshiah inscription and Show you some ancient Bedouin inscriptions.

ill climb it to the top. Then you continue to the little bridge where you can climb to the top. The next phase is Khazali Canyon where you can walk through the canyon and see the ancient inscription. After that, We continue the tour to the sunset are which offers amazing views during sundown. we will take you to the camp where you will spend the night and have dinner with Bedouin tea and enjoy the evening entertainment (Bedouin Music and culture).

Next day after breakfast, We will drive you back to Wadi Rum Village.

Next Morning It’s optional to Back from the camp to Village on Camel. It cost 25 JD


  • 1 person: 100 JD
  • 2-4 people 70 JD per person
  • 5-8 people 65 JD per person
  • 9 people and more 60 JD per person
  • Children under 10 years 50%
  • Children under 2 years free


  • Full day jeep tour with a Bedouin driver who speaks English
  • Overnight stay
  • Water and Bedouin tea.
  • Bedouin Dinner and Breakfast
  • Bedouin Lunch
  • Sandboarding
  • The Drive to Wadi Rum village the next morning.

If you would like to book this as a private tour, 20 JD extra per person

Starting Time: This tour starts at 10:00 am. If you arrive late you can do the tour the next day after staying overnight at our camp.

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