Wadi Rum Highlights

Nabatean Temple:

Napatean Temple – Wadi Rum

The Nabatean temple is an old building that was surrounded by sands before some people discovered. It is set nearby to Wadi Rum village. Furthermore, here you can take brilliant pictures of some of the high mountains around Wadi Rum. Additionally, Nabateansn used it to worship ALLAT (Goddess), this temple was built on the ruins of the Allat temple of the Aad Tribe.

Lawrence Spring:

Lawrence Spring is a natural water spring set in the desert. Here you can walk up on the mountain to see the spring and panoramic views of the desert. Furthermore, Lawrence Spring offers visitors a chance to see several ancient inscriptions

Khazali Canyon:

Khazali Canyon is a narrow Canyon carved between two mountains. Furthermore, you can see Canyon is rich in both Bedouin, Nabatean, and Arabic inscriptions. You can walk into the canyon and journey back to when our ancestors used the canyon as shelter from the Desert winds.

Sand Dunes area:

The Sandunes area has very soft red sands, It is fun to climb up and run down. Furthermore, if you are feeling adventurous you can also try sandboarding!

Anfeeshiah inscriptions:

Wadi Rum has a lot of Bedouin inscriptions from the days of the caravans.

Lawrence’s House:

Originally a Nabatean structure uses as a store and rest house by Nabatean traders. Furthermore, Lawrence and his army spent two weeks relaxing here before moving north into Syria.

Um frouth Rock bridge:

Um Foruth is an arch of Rock, which you can climb. Additionally, it is great to have photos while you are on the bridge with the incredible Desert background.

Burdah Rock Bridge:

Burdah Rock Bridge is the biggest arch in the desert it takes 3 hours scrambling to be on the top of the bridge. Furthermore, from the top of the bridge, you can take fantastic photos from the viewpoint.

The little Bridge:

The little bridge is the smallest arch of the rock in the desert. Additionally, when you are on the bridge, you can take great photos with Desert views.

Jabel Um Addami:

It is the highest mountain in Jordan, It takes 4 hours to be on the top. Moreover, where it locates nearby to Saudi Border deep in the desert, here you will have nice views of the natural landscape.

Al Mahama Canyon:

It is a Long canyon. Where it takes around 30 Min to cross it hiking.

Mushroom Rock:

It is a Desert rock that takes the form of the Mushroom.

Sunset Area – Um Sabbatah:

Where you can enjoy the sun setting in the desert. The colors of the mountains and sand will changes. Here you will leave the stress of life behind you and enjoy the moment.

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