Our Camp

Our Camp

Wadi Rum Desert Camp

Our Bedouin Camp is located in the middle of the desert of Wadi Rum. It is 10 KM away from Wadi Rum Village.

We are located in the Sunset area. From here you will have a chance to enjoy watching the sunset over the mountains of Wadi Rum. At the camp, you will have a chance to enjoy a Bedouin setting around the fire.

At the camp, you will have two meals, both dinner, and Breakfast. Lunch is available upon request. Also, we will provide you with Bedouin Tea with Water.

When you are at our camp, you can enjoy traditional meals are ‘Zarb’ (Chicken or meat will be cooked under the sands). If you are a Vegetarian we can also cater for you.

Our dining area is a traditional semi-enclosed Bedouin tent with a lounge. Furthermore, we prrovide a space for you to relax after the day’s events. After food, you can recline to chat and drink endless cups of tasty Bedouin tea. Of course, you can sit around the fire while gazing up at the stars. Here the meals are delicious and freshly prepared on-site. The staff are polite and helpful, and available at all times to ensure your stay is perfect.

Our Camp

Our clean, modern, and fully licensed camp is greatfor you to enjoy the Desert in comfort. We are equipped with modern European-style bathrooms, showers, and comfortably furnished tents to maximize the comfort of your stay.

We can also offer you ‘Camp under the stars. This means you will be just with your guide in the desert where you will have dinner and stay outside the Campsite.

Furthermore, we provide you with Single tents, Double tents or Family tents.

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