Camel tours are the most stunning way for you to see our desert home. Our camels go slowly, and you will feel like a real Bedouin riding on the ‘ships of the Desert’. Your guide will be on his camel, with your camel tethered together in a caravan, to give you a comfortable and relaxing trip. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you can take the reins and put your inner Bedouin to the test!

Camel tours

We offer you a variety of Camel Tours of different lengths, the longer the tour the more of Wadi Rum you get to see! All our tours include overnight accommodation at our camp, food, snacks, and water. Each evening we will provide traditional Bedouin entertainment around an open fire, you can sit, relax and even join us in dancing!

We can offer each tour as a group booking with other guests or as a private tour.

We offer the following tours:

Furthermore, a similar Camel tour that you can do with a night under the stars instead can be found here

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